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The sorter of files 1.25
The program is intended for copying or moving of files of any format (on a mask) in any folder.

The directory of the collector.

The program is intended for fans{amateurs} and professionals in a collecting of coins of such periods, as the Soviet period of the USSR (1921-1991), the period of Russia (1991-2005), and a part of the period of imperial Russia (1891-1917).
- Editing any information up to, and after entering in a database;
- aaa5aaiu help tables on a price range for November, 2005 on:
a) Coins of usual stamping (in roubles);
b) Coins of the State Bank of the USSR and Russia;
c) Anniversary iaaii-nickel coins of the USSR and Russia;
- An opportunity of editing of a price range;
- The prices are resulted from catalogue KONROS popular in among numismatists, with translation in a rouble equivalent at the rate 1 USD = 30 roubles;
- Also it is possible to remove the data of price cards in format Excel, for the further processing;
- The opportunity for formation and is given to a seal of reports for coins;
- The directory is broken on years, with an opportunity of a choice of advantage, a series and such as a coin;
- The user can enter year of a coin, metal, a place of stamping, purchased cost and cost under the catalogue, and during viewing to learn, what total sum has spent and for what price can sell the collection.
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